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How To Build Your Customer Base & Community Presence Effortlessly Using The Art Of Relationship Building

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Be able to apply this specialized skill in any area of business, community, or government relations. It is a comprehensive and advanced guide suitable for both beginners and experts.

We will Uncover The 5 Most Important Tips:

  • The mindset needed when meeting new people

  • How to Follow up with prospects

  • How to build a working relationship with your new friends

  • Why is it important to become accountable

  • Build a scalable & automated communication system for your growing friends

About Danavan Hylton

Meet Danavan Hylton: a dedicated husband, father, entrepreneur, and community leader. With a registered title as Lord of Glencoe in Scotland, courtesy of Highland Titles, Danavan embodies a spirit of prestige and distinction.

As an expert in business development, community engagement, soft-skills training, and inspirational speaking, Danavan specializes in empowering urban and developing communities. Leveraging his insight, access, and resources, he forges and manages relationships for both himself and his clients, spanning corporate, community, and government sectors.

Currently serving as the Business Development Manager at Hylton Elite Marketing Agency, Danavan leads a team dedicated to providing customized solutions in business development and community engagement outsourcing. If you're seeking to expand your customer base and enhance your community presence in urban areas, Danavan and his team are here to guide you towards success.

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